Keeping undesirable rodents out of houses can sometimes feel like an impossible task, and in February, mouse sightings are far more likely.   Because of the reduction in temperature, the first few months of the ye... read more »
In an ideal world, we would all want renting to go exactly as planned, but unfortunately there is always a chance that you may rent to problematic tenants.   Landlords often find it difficult to deal with, whether... read more »
When you own or rent your home, or are moving house, there will always be occasions when you need to dispose of something that won’t fit in your regular domestic bin – what is known as “bulky waste&rdqu... read more »
With the impending cold, mould and dampness can be major concerns this time of year, but houseplants can help ward them off.     In addition to being a lovely feature to any home, houseplants may be quite ... read more »
Following on from our previous article 'How to stop the pipes from freezing', we thought you might like an advanced heads up on how to prepare your radiators for the winter.     FIRST THINGS FIRST, IS MY B... read more »
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