Property Repairs


Under the terms of the tenancy agreement, it is the responsibility of the tenant to report repair issues as soon as possible. Regency Properties will maintain properties under our management at all times. To assist with this process we have a dedicated email. To help reduce the time in our response to the repair, attaching a photograph may be really helpful. 


An emergency repair issue is a problem that potentially causes a high risk to the safety of tenants or third parties. Examples of this could be anything to do with gas, electric and water leakage problems. 

If there are emergency repairs that need attending to, then you should contact us immediately by telephone on 01843 297117. If the issue is out of hours then please call 07828872509. Also if possible, email us on reporting the issue. Once we have been contacted, we will make sure a contractor will attend your property as soon as possible. 



If there are any general repairs needed, then you can either call our office on 01843 297117, or email us at reporting the issue and attach any photos of the problem if possible. We will then generate a works order to the relevant contractor. The contractor will then contact you to arrange a time to attend your property. Once the job has been completed, we will then contact you to confirm the reported requests have been completed to a good standard. 


Fixflo is a quick and easy way for you to report repairs. You can access fixflo through smartphones, tablet and computers without having to download. 

Here are a few self help videos-

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