Margate is a timeless English seaside holiday town on the Kent coast. For at least 250 years, Margate has been a leading seaside resort in the UK, drawing Londoners to it’s beaches.

It currently faces major structural redevelopments and large inward investment. In 2011, the Turner Contemporary Gallery opened, and has fast become a visitor attraction of national and international importance.

Since opening, they have already welcomed over 1 million visits, therefore becoming a catalyst for the regeneration of Margate.

Up until recent times, Dreamland was considered as the central attraction of Margate, and at one time, was listed within the UK’s top 10 visitor attractions. In 2003, there was a plan to close the park down. After various debates over the past 12 years, and with funding from outside sources, the new re-imagined Dreamland opened in June 2015, with a vintage theme that was grasped with enthusiasm. There are phases of extra works that are gradually coming in to Dreamland to improve and ideally bring this historic amusement park back to how it once was.  

With the re-generation of Margate, people have shown a lot of interest of investing in properties within the area. 

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